skin specialist in north delhi

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skin specialist in north delhi

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skin specialist in north delhi


Our Services

Anti Aging treatment

Nobody likes wrinkles and fine lines on the face which makes your skin look loose and pale. This treatment will help to rejuvenate your skin to make it look younger so that you can bring back the joy of your teen years.


It is a neurotoxin treatment which helps to eradicate the unwanted fine lines from your face to make you feel more confident. It temporarily paralyzes the targeted muscles without any complicated or harsh surgery.


Lift up your cheeks to give extra volume to your face for a glowing and catchy face look. The glowing volume of your face enriches your features to make you look more attractive and healthy.


Being new cosmetic treatment, HIFU (high – intensity focused ultrasound) service is provided by only a few clinics under the supervision of experts to provide the best facelift and healthier skin.

Acne Scars Treatment

Excess oil on the face is always sadistic. Sai skin care clinic is considered the best acne and scar removal clinic in Delhi with the best skin specialist in Delhi for acne. Acne scars treatment will enrich your look by making your skin oil-free yet nourished. Moreover, it is proved to be successful in removing scars from your face.

Tattoo removal

We appropriately understand that not every tattoo you have had does not bother you now. We provide the best and safest tattoo removal technique to make you get rid of your regretful tattoos.

Birthmark Removal

Not all birthmarks are pretty as a portrait in movies. They can be ugly and uncomfortable. Birthmark Removal treatment in our clinic is genuine and productive for achieving desired results.


Revive your skin with photo rejuvenation treatment damaged by pollutants and sun damage with the help of IPL (intense pulse light) for a blemish-free look.


Growth of unwanted warts is not in your hands but getting rid of these irritating warts is now in your hand. At Sai skin care clinic, we make it possible for you to destroy in the safest and painless way without leaving the scar behind.

skin tag removal with laser

Skin tags are different from warts but still, they are frustrating too. We possess the best technology to eradicate them in the best possible manner so that you can feel much prettier than before. Moreover, it is the best laser treatment for face in Delhi.


Hydrate and detoxify your face with extraordinary hydrafacial under proper clinical support, which will eventually make your skin more pleasing in a short period of time.

Stretch Marks treatment

No need to compromise with the outfits you want to wear just because of those unwelcomed stretch marks which completely ruin the look. With the stretch marks treatment from our clinic, plan the outfit with zeal without worrying about those ugly stretch marks.

Carbon peel

Do blackheads, whiteheads, dark spots, pores developed by hustle in pollution annoy you every day? Carbon Peel Mask is the solution for you. It will purify your skin to make it flawless and mesmerizing.


Are you stuck under the impatient symptoms of Psoriasis that now are irresistible? Get relief from the symptoms under the observation of well-experienced doctors at the Sai skin care clinic.


Undesired symptoms of vitiligo are often embarrassing. They may create psychological distress in a patient which somehow leads to social anxiety. We are here to assist you to manage its harsh symptoms.

fungal infection

Don’t let these troublesome yeast infections annoy infuriate you anymore. Consider our skin specialist in north delhi to feel relaxed and at ease.


Get solace from tiresome symptoms of eczema with the best dermatologists in Delhi.

skin allergy

If you are fed up such drastic outcomes of skin allergy, the Sai skin care clinic is an appropriate place for you to get rid of them. We will provide you the best laser skin treatment for face in North Delhi.